Money , Wealth & Riches

You were consistently lied to that money and riches are the root of all evil.. That was the biggest lie you were told by the elit to keep you in control so that you don’t value wealth and riches and believe in the after life of no sorrow. that is a lie, money and wealth are the root of all good things in life. wealth and money enable you to make decisions and how you really want to live your life. We will give you abundance of wealth and riches beyond your imagination to keep you strong and fit so that you can afford and create any luxury of life you want. being a member of spell of life illuminati opens your eyes and your hands to riches beyond imagination.

In order to grant you anything you want, you have to be a member and swear an allegiance to the great spell of life illuminati.

There are a host of benefits that come with Spell Of Life Illuminati Membership. The benefits accrued are both economic and social; monetary and non-monetary. Our financial foundation is built upon liquid assets, great connections, and various holdings across planets. These myriad resources enable us to run global scale missions.

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